Australia has an agreeable reputation for legal professionalism and we are able to rely on our legal system and courts to provide reasoned and just decisions. However, our increasingly regulated society provides all types of disputes for which determination by a court is an unwieldy and expensive solution. The vast majority of matters filed in courts never reach a final determination and are instead settled out of court by negotiation, agreement or abandonment.

As a result, Australian courts are increasing relying on ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) methods to assist with the resolution of the expanding number and complexity of matters competing for court time. These ADR methods include conciliation, mediation, independent appraisal, and arbitration. These processes are highly effective in dealing with all types of disputes, particularly those involving complex factual situations, technical issues requiring expert evidence or emotionally charged disputes.

Why not start with a process that will lead to the best result, rather than get there by a costly and circuitous route?